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Many visitors have generously shared their memories of Ranger Hal and other '60s icons around North Florida and South Georgia. Comments up to August 2011 are archived here.

To share your memories, please visit our Facebook group, Fans of Jacksonville's Ranger Hal.
2003/04/25 - Catherine Baranek - - Great Job! Excellent way to archive the history in one place.

2003/04/25 - Cathy M. Reavis - - Reading the articles and looking at the pictures, brought back some wonderful childhood memories for me. I throughly enjoyed it!!!

2003/04/25 - Robin Mullins - - Cute Website. Tom and Catherine are friends of ours. Tom has talked about his father many times. It's good to see the website and the rest of the family. You guys had quite a Dad. I know you have fond memories to last a lifetime! Your Dad would be honored to know you made this website for him.

2003/04/25 - Patty Shannon - - I had a T.V. in my room, and every morning my dad came in at 7:00am and turned Ranger Hal to wake me up for school. We lived very close to the station, and could see the tower from our house. I thought he really lived on the tower!!!

2003/04/25 - Dan Shannon - - Great site. Gives an old man flashbacks. I will suggest a special to channel 4. Thanks Dan

2003/04/29 - HalFan - HalFan - My most memorable show was actually split over two shows when he blew up the giant balloon until it exploded. I can't forget his face as he stood next to the ever growing balloon....just waiting for it to explode. I think they underestimated the length of time it would take to fill that thing and to avoid viewer revolt continued on to the next show. What a riot!

2003/05/06 - Brenda Osborne - - I was on the Ranger Hal show many years ago. Can't believe there is a website.

2003/05/08 - Sandy Baranek - - What a wonderful experience it is to review this fabulous website. I am very proud to have been "Ranger Hal's" wife and to have such a lovely family as his legacy. This website is a glowing tribute to an outstanding entertainer, husband and father.

2003/05/15 - Debbie Nobles Hedrick - - I love the site. I was on Ranger Hal many moon's ago with my class from Harbor View elementarily school.

2003/06/01 - Rick Dovi - - What a great website dedicated to a wonderful man. I remember growing up watching Ranger Hal while eating breakfast and getting ready for school. And the cool Crusader Rabbit cartoons! What a great visit to the past!! Thanks.

2003/06/04 - Donna Davis - - Is there anyone who still has a set of the six shooters that Ranger Hal gave away on Saturday mornings at Edgewood Theather, or knows of where I could find a set?

2003/06/20 - Jay Cann - - I remember Ranger Hal vividly,; the magic drawing board, each day a little more of the drawing would appear and by the end of week the whole picture was there. I won a giant Tootsie Roll filled with tootsie rolls and tootsie roll pops. Also do you remember His memorable closing each day;"Have a Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Listen to Mom & Dad they're Your Best Friends and Remember it's Nice to be An American!" Later years after the show was gone, I met Henry Baron(Ranger Hal)when he worked or Volunteered for Goodwill Industries in Jacksonville, he still looked the same.

2003/06/30 - Jeffrey A. Clark - - I was a long time Ranger Hal fan. I always thought he was climbing down from the fire near the Humane Society, on Beach Boulevard on the Southside. I looked for him every time we went by!

2003/07/02 - David W. O'Brien - - Every morning at 7:00 we would watch Ranger Hal and to this day everytime I see a ranger tower I think of my childhood. He was a wonderful entertainer! Thank You

2003/08/01 - Charles Fails - - It is very nice to see something that is a good memory that is forgotten. Happen to have some time to check on what about JAX. Thank you very much for having this web site. 1 JUL 03 Shuaiba,Kuwait.


2003/08/18 - Rev. Ray Andrews - - Some good menories of times long time ago. Thanks guys for the menories. Blessing :0)

2003/09/04 - Ed McLuckie - - Thanks for the site and pleasant memories. My father had a heart attack in 1968. My mom worked so i spent my days at Chappell's Kiddie garden. I walked in one morning and kids were telling me i had won on the Ranger Hal show. The goodies arrived at a great time to try and take a 2nd. graders mind off his fathers' health. It was a motherload too. I remember the big Tootsie Roll, but there was a "Bathhouse Brass" toy instrument, a gas powered JU87D airplane and a bunch of other stuff.

2003/09/06 - Bruce Purcell - - As the child of a single working parent, Ranger hal was who I had breakfast with for more years than I could remember. As I said to someone at my high school website, I will, to this day, say to people, "have a happy birthday . . .", well you know the rest. Nice to see him remembered.(Birds and rabbits, possum, deer make the magic line appear)

2003/09/09 - Patricia Vickers Blackner - - I loved Ranger Hal. In fact, I was on Ranger Hal one Saturday morning. I'm not even sure how my Dad arranged it. He had connections with someone so I got on and I even won I prize I was picked to come down and pick a number out of the house (?) but I won a white plastic autograph cowboy hat that actually went with my cowboy skirt and and vest and white cowboy boots a la Penny (Remember Sky King? ) pony tail and all. It must have been about 59 or 60 because I couldn't have been more than 6 or 7.

2003/09/09 - Patricia Vickers Blackner - - Im sorry but I was just thinking what a shame there aren't kids programming like we used to have. Remember Popeye's Pals? I think every Brownie and Cub Scout in Jax was on that at least once!!! The other show was "Here's How" It was a show on Saturday that took 5 or 6 Elementary school kids and went somewhere. I was picked along with 5 other Kids from Windy Hill to be on that show and we went to the downtown post office and toured it one day and then went back to the studio another day where we sat on a panel and asked queestions of a postal employee and this then put together and aired on Saturday.

2003/10/01 - Dave Fowler - - I went to high school with Ranger Hal's son Dave.He was a close friend and was born to fly F-14 Tomcats for the Navy, which he eventually did.I remember being on the show on my 10th birthday with my sister, Jeanne, who had won the "Buffy Look-Alike Contest" in 1967.My sister and I watched the show every AM at breakfast and were thrilled to be on, until Ranger Hal asked us to sing a song,"I'm bringing Home A Baby Bumblebee", for which I was razzed about by classmates for years. He gave my sister a $500 wardrobe from the Ivey's "Buffy Collection", and we got "Gumby" and "Pokey" bendable figures, a giant Tootsie Roll full of midgies, and our first TV debut.(Hah!) I remember being surprised that that ladder was only 10-12 feet high,the backdrop wasn't really the woods, and at the end of the show he climbed back down the ladder,and the stage lights would dim and he'd relax his Ranger Hal voice a bit. We who watched him will never forget him.THANX for the memories Dave, it's good to hear from you after all these years (1975?)!!! And thanks, Tom, for hooking us up, I have a feeling we'd have been friends as well had we ever met one another.Your Friend, Dave Fowler

2003/10/04 - Margie Sikes Anderson - - Ranger Hal was an important part of our morning ritual on school days as he was on the t.v. (b&w) while we ate breakfast! He was my favorite kids' t.v. personality - right up there with Captain Kangaroo! I remember he drew my name on the air and I won a comb & brush set - something special to little girls back then! I'm delighted to find this website - I'd always wondered what happened to "Ranger Hal" after the show went off the air. Thank you so much for posting this site! God bless you!

2003/10/23 - Steven Baranek - - Wow! There are photo's here that I hadn't seen. Dave, you've done a fantastic job of putting this together, and I hope all visitors enjoy the site; it brings back LOTS of great memories of a special time. Thanks, Steve

2003/10/27 - Ben Hill - - Will always love the show...

2003/11/27 - Fritz and Marge Baranek, Karen and Don Jones - - My brother Henry was also known as The Baron of Bounce, announcing for the armed services in Frankfurt, Germany. Also attended the ColumbiaSchool in New York for radio. He was a real people person who contributedmuch to the world. His brother, Fritz

2004/01/18 - tom atteberry - - I used to watch Ranger Hal on WJXT-TV 4 in the early 1960's just before going to school. It was very neat and uplifting to watch. I did like the variety he had on his show. Is there any way videos of the film "Journey to the Beginning of Time" be bought? I really enjoyed that series. By the way I'm 53 now and can remember the introductory song.

2004/01/23 - Tim McClellan - - Great site! My family has been close with the Baranek clan for most of my life. I've been friends with Patrick Baranek since childhood. Their father was an absolutely great guy. This is a nice tribute to his memory, and the joy that he brought to kids in Jacksonville.

2004/03/10 - Richard Ayer - - "I'm Ranger Hal and your my pal and we can do
many things"...I think that was how the song went. This show was watched daily at my house growing up along with Skipper Ed and Bozo. Ahhhh, the good old days, wait did I say that? I sound like my Father!!!

2004/04/15 - Terry L Burr - - I used to live next door to Ranger Hal in the 1960s on Townsend Blvd. He will always be missed.

2004/07/16 - Mickey Bremer - - I can still remember the time he had a local rock'n'roll group on the show. They were called "The Night Shades" and they all had sunglasses on. Some of those members later became the "Classics four". I would watch that show all the time. - Mick

2004/08/02 - Alan Gordon - - I remember it well, growing up in Gainesville. Never missed it, along with Captain Kangaroo and Sky King. Wish there was more of the same quality programming for kids these days!!

2004/09/13 - Patti Isaac - - I always watched Ranger Hal before I went to school. One morning I was laying on the couch and heard Ranger Hal say my name. I fell right off the couch! I had sent a poem about Ranger Hal and he was reading it on live t.v. I couldn't believe it! I remember that I received a certificate for a six pack of Dr. Pepper and a doll for sending in that poem. I loved Ranger Hal!

2004/12/31 - Annie Lou Kulogo Horstmeyer - - I am a true native of Jacksonville (born and raised in J'ville from 57 ~ 78 when I then married and moved to Denver. I just wanted to share that I have wonderful memories of watching Ranger Hal with my sister Margarete. It is a shame that we no longer have quality family shows like that on TV now!Sweet memories and thanks to the Hal family for sharing their husband and father with us!Annie

2005/01/10 - David Hollingsworth - - I use to watch Ranger Hal every day before I went to school. He was great entertainment for the kids as well as the adults. Wish television now was as decent and pure as it was then. Miss the good old days, David, now living in St.Pete, Fl

2005/01/16 - Mark Smith - - I'm a second generation Jacksonville native, I was born in 1956 and I love this site! Talk about memory lane. For the past 16 years I've worked for Florida State Parks in Gainesville, and, even though it took me a while, guess who inspired me to want to be a "Ranger?" Those early mornings watching Ranger Hal are some of the best memories of my childhood. I finally met him in person when I was 11, I think it was at Big Chief Tires on Normandy. It was one of the great days of my life. Anyway, thanks to all who made this site possible.

2005/02/21 - Steve Malis - - I worked at WJXT from 1967 to 1972. I worked the Ranger Hal show doing either camera, stage Mgr., or audio. It was great working the show. Nice to see this web site.

2005/02/22 - Joanne Malis Lyman - - What a hoot! This is such a treat to see. I grew up in Jax from 1961 to 1981 when I left for Atlanta. I remember Ranger Hal, Skipper Ed and Bozo as such a huge part of my childhood. I loved the Crusader Rabbit cartoons. My brother Steve Malis (see letter above) worked at WJXT when Ranger Hal was on the air and I remember coming down one time to be on the show. (Or maybe that was just in my dreams!) I worked at JXT as well in 1979 but Ranger Hal was no longer on then. Great to see this tribute,

2005/02/24 - Linda Adcock - - Boy what a great memory. I was on his program and won a prize (a Red Skelton paper mask) for balancing plates or cups or something. My older brother was on as a guestco-host several times and even sang "Mairzy doats". Ranger Hal also went to our church, Christ the King. He was a nice guy.

2005/03/29 - Bob Lawson - - Neat idea and what a great tribute to your dad. Nice job Bio.

2005/06/02 - Randy Garmon - - I loved the Ranger Hal show. One of my best memories of it were those very large Tootsie Rolls with all the stuff inside. My older sister and I stayed glued to the TV every morning waiting on this show and a few others to come on. But this was my favorite. At 51, I still remember the cartoons, Smokey the Bear and Ranger Hal's kind voice and big smile. This program is one of those that helped make me into the man I am today. Back then Ranger Hal represented what was good, pure, wholesome and virtuous about life.You just can't find that today unless it is attacked by the dark side of humanity. Too bad. I miss you, Ranger Hal...but I will always remember.  Randy Garmon, Columbus, GA.

2006/02/13 - Donna Walker Bell - - Thank you so much for this wonderful website. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading the stories. Funny thing, my brother and I have argued for years over the exact wording of his sign off. I have to admit that I remembered it wrong (I forgot the part about "they're your best friends) so I am glad to be corrected by the definitive source! My mom was a teacher and had met "Ranger Hal" many times. I think Mom and I were out shopping when I was in high school, or maybe college, and we ran into Ranger Hal. My mother started to introduce us but there was no need. I gave him the "Have a happy birthday, get well soon" spiel as best as I remembered it and was rewarded with a hearty laugh. I felt like I had met a big star!
Thanks again for the memories!
And remember, its great to be an American! Donna Walker Bell

2006/03/08 - Jeanine Southerland - - Hi, I am 36 years old and I remember being on a show with Bozo the Clown in Jacksonville, Florida in 1974 or 1975. I remember that I lost a game tossing bean bags but he gave me a giant Tootsie Roll anyway. I have called WTLV to see if they have those old shows in their archives, but they say they never kept them. I was wondering if you know if they were ever saved. I really would like to purchase copies of them to save for my kids.

2006/06/16 - Leon Roberts - - As a kid growing up in the 60's we lived in High Springs, Florida and the only TV stations were WJXT 4, WTLV 12, and WJKS 17 in Jacksonville. How well I remember Ranger Hal coming down out of his Fire Tower to greet his fans. My parents could never get me up early for school, but I would get up early to watch Ranger Hal.
Popeye and Pals was also a favorite on WTLV 12. I would mail in my post cards and race home each day after school, to watch Skipper Ed spin the squirel cage for another winner. If you hit the Jackpot you won all the prizes on display. I always wanted to go be in the studio audience for Ranger Hal and Popeye and Pals but never got to. Great childhood memories though.
Leon Roberts
Fort Lauderdale, FL

2006/07/25 - Jerry Green - - Hi there, I grew up in Waycross Ga in the early 60s, and Ranger Hal was part of our morning ritual before school. I remember He'd climb down that ladder to start the show. I remember Felix the Cat, that Space Traveler Rocket series, a time Traveler adventure, and a bunch of Fairy Tales, I remember one about a deer who spun gold as she ran along, until the evil villain who made her do it was buried in the gold. Lots of cobwebs, it's been so long, but thanks for literally putting a face back on the show. We even attended a Ranger Hal Live Show, put on at the local theater in Waycross about '63-64. Look forward to seeing more stuff on your site.    Jerry Green, Miami Fl

2006/08/06 - Marcus - - As a native of Green Cove Springs born in 1956 our family acquired its first TV sometime in the early 1960's. My earliest TV memories are of the Kennedy assassination coverage and Ranger Hal. I can still taste those Chock's chewable vitamins.  Marc Suttle

2006/09/06 - Rusty Smith - - Just found your website and just love it! Ranger Hal was my favorite show when I was a kid! I met him twice in Brunswick. I even had a joke read on the show and won the 2 tickets to "Six gun territory". I'm gonna try to send you the Rustic Dance file. I hope you get ok. Let me know if you don't.>>> Rusty Smith


2006/11/09 - I was on Ranger Hal when I was 4 years old.  My sister's Brownie group from St. Simons was on and my mother brought me along.  I had a Confederate hat on and Ranger Hal asked if I was a Rebel.  To which I replied "No, I'm a (my last name)!"

2006/12/06 - Henry J. Braud - When I was a Cub or young Boy Scout I was on the show. They had a contest to see who could punch the clown (the inflatable kind with sand at the bottom to weight it down) and hit it the hardest. They placed it on a wood stump (prop) and when it was my turn I hit it just right... below the middle.. sending it flying off the stump and against an Exit door! None of the other kids could even make it move off the stump much less go flying about 6 feet or so across the studio!
For some reason someone (producer?) at the show decided to have us do it all over again irregardless that I had won! I couldn't duplicate the feat so the prize went to someone else. As a little kid I was devastated as you can probably imagine! Ranger Hal was NOT the one who made the decision to do the contest over as I remember it was someones voice behind the camera(s) but to this day I still remember that day vividly and learned at a young age that life is not fair.
I loved the show and grew up with it...was always thrilled to see Ranger Hal come climbing down the ladder from the tower...wasn't until I was in the studio did I discover the magic of television and that there wasn't a tower!
I'm 55 now ::laughing::   Sincerely, Jerry, formerly of Atlantic Beach FL, now in Riverside CA

2007/01/28 - Jack Young - I lived in Ocala Florida From 1956 until 1975 & watched the show through the mid 60s. I do believe that was the first time & perhaps the only times I saw Ronald McDonald, was on the Ranger Hal Show. I also thought it was odd that the Ranger would disappear up the ladder to his lookout & then a few minutes later Ronald would show up, I always thought they were one & the same. I did enjoy the show & this country could use that attitude today.

2007/02/21 - Erna T. Zollner - - I watched the D.C show as a child. I loved the show and it was my favorite. I have thought allot about the program and never thought I would find a site with pix and everything on it. I cant tell you how nice it is to read about Ranger Hal again. What wonderful memories. I wish it would come back to tvland again. Im 53 and I'd still watch it again. Thanks so much for a refreshing day. Erna T. Zollner, RR2 Box102F Keyser,WV 26726

2007/08/09 - Mark Aldren - - What wonderful memories I have of Ranger Hal!
As children, my brother and I watched him every morning.  We were thrilled when he announced on the show that we had won a set of toy guns from him.  And we were just as excited when our Mom took us to meet him in person at Utsey's Shoe Store when he was making a personal appearance.  Many years later, I worked as a news reporter for WJXT and later WJKS.  One night at WJKS, I walked into the "green room" to wash off my make-up after anchoring an early evening newscast and there was a fellow dressing in a full clown suit preparing to record a commercial.  Despite the fact that his face was totally covered in white make-up, when he said hello I immediately recognized his distinctive voice.  He said, "You're Mark Aldren."   I excitedly responded, "And YOU'RE RANGER HAL!"   I was just as thrilled to meet him then as I was as a kid. 
        Ranger Hal brought a lot of joy to a lot of people over the years.   He was great for TV and great for the Jacksonville community.  I'll always remember him fondly.     
Mark Aldren, Executive Producer for Special Projects
425 14th Street, NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

2007/09/12 - Margie Sikes Anderson - - Hey...  Margie Sikes Anderson here again.  Awesome film clips of our Ranger Hal.  I remember the amphicar - how neat was that?  I'm so tickled you found someone to play the piece to put it on the site!  I know you can't live in the past, but it's great to reminisce and just remember some wonderful times with a wonderful man from my childhood.  I went to high school (at Terry Parker) with Steve Baranek and never knew he was Ranger Hal's son until this site.  I'd also be glad to hear from friends & acquaintances from school days in Arlington.  Blessings, Margie.

2007/10/03 - Patrick D. Rushing - - When I was a youngster (about 1959-60 time frame) I used to watch Ranger Hal on WJXT on Channel 4 out of Jacksonville, we lived in Ocala and watched the program very early before school on weekdays.  He used to have the 'Magic Drawing Board' and the 'Drawing Barrel where you could guess what animal was on the Magic Drawing Board each day and send a postage card in with your name and your guess.  I sent mine in guessing the animal and put my name and address on the card, however everyone in those days called me 'Pat' instead of Patrick, so that is the name I put in the return address.  My card was drawn and I was correct on the animal guess... I WON!!!!   Unfortunately the show thought that I was a girl not a boy and I was sent a large walking doll!
Everyone in school that knew me saw that program, I begged my mom not to send me to school but she made me anyway, kids can be cruel.   
We wrote a letter to Ranger Hall explaining that my real name was Patrick and I was a boy - he promptly apologized and sent me a 'Chuck Conner's Flip Special' rifleman replica rifle - man was it great!  I got a lot of mileage out of that toy and Ranger Hal was always my favorite TV show for many years!  
        PS, my mother kept that walking doll in her bedroom until she passed away in 2003, she cherished it like it was hers! 
        I am still in the Air Force at US Central Command at MacDill AFB in Tampa, proudly serving and protecting our country, I will be 57 in November but I will always have fond memories of the Ranger Hal Show! I think I can sum up how most of the kids felt about Ranger Hal and what he did for the children of my time in North Central Florida, he was a very special influence on the kids of our area back then.... God Bless Ranger Hal and all he did for the Children of our area...May he rest in peace......

2007/11/17 - Charles McStay - - I was a fan as a child. I won a ridding firetruck as a child. Had to be a great moment as a child. My mother still has the little ridding tody minus the steering wheel. I'm sure I wore it out as a small child. Thanks for the memories.
Charles McStay
born 1952 Jacksonville Fl.

2008/01/15 - Mitch Bronson - - I grew up in Live Oak, about 90 miles west of Jacksonville in the 60's and watched Ranger Hal faithfully. He was my hero. My older brother was actually a Forrest Ranger for awhile. Thanks for creating this website as great tribute to the program.
Mitch Bronson
Port St John, Florida
(Florida native)

2008/03/16 - Rusty Smith - - "Journey to the beginning of time" is available on youtube. I haven't seen it since it the Ranger Hal days. So good to see again. Rusty Smith

2008/05/05 - David Macey - - Be good, have a happy birthday, get well soon, listen to your Mom and Dad they are your best friends, and remember it's nice to be an American! I am 54 years old and raised 3 daughters and they heard me say that many times. Thanks for the memories. One the film clips with Ranger Hal at a Pool Club was great I was there it was Colonial Park Swim Club he rode on a big inner tube wish I could see the whole clip it was a great day. Thanks, David Macey

2008/07/04 - William M. Coulter - - I believe it was 1964 or 1965 and our first grade class went to the "Ranger Hal Show" studio where they recorded our version of the "Night Before Christmas". I was Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. I remember my mother waking me early the morning it was broadcast so I could watch it. We also performed the play at our school auditorium. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the school other than it was on Lem Turner Road between the Gateway mall and I-295.

2008/07/28 - Paul Dixon - - Great site! I can't tell you how many times I pestered my parents on family trips to ask "Is this Ranger Hal's tower coming up on the right? Is THAT one Ranger Hal's tower? Dad, was that his tower?" I guess they couldn't bear to break it to me...I met Ranger Hal when he came to Venetia Elementary School in JAX to be the emcee for some event. I was standing at the edge of the stage walking my fingers back and forth across his highly polished shoes, just to be obnoxious, I suppose. After quite a few minutes of this, Ranger Hal bent down and whispered off-mike "Son, if you don't knock that off this instant, I'm going to have you thrown out of here!" Well, I was told off by the best, at least! Many thanks for the memories! Paul D (55), living in St. Pete now...

2008/08/29 - Hugh Simpson - - WOW, surfing the Net today for info on a former colleague at WJXT News where I was an investigative reporter from 1968-1970 when I found this about Ranger Hal who was important to my TV viewing as Mickey Mouse Club and Howdie Doodie!  Hugh Simpson

2009/04/02 - Mike Owings - - To the webmaster of this site:  Thank you for posting a page on Ranger Hal.   My name is Mike Owings and I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and Ranger Hal lived in my neighborhood.  I went to school with David and I remember Steven.  Ranger Hal was a good and decent man and everybody loved him and we all looked up to him.  I'll never forget the day that I met him and shook his hand.  To me, it was like meeting the President of the United States.  I am truly moved to have found this site dedicated to such a good man.   I often thought of Ranger Hal throughout my life.  As I entered Marine Corps Recruit Training in San Diego, California in 1976,  I thought of him.  It's good to be an American.
I've  told my wife about the man who was a role model for countless children in Jacksonville throughout the late 1950's and through the 1960's.  God Bless Henry Baranek and his family.   I would love to hear from David and Steven.  My email address is :     Thank you again, Mike Owings

- Steve D McDonald - - Wow, almost forgot about Ranger Hal. I remember him from my Jesup GA childhood. Was about seven years old when he came to Jacksonville (I'm 58 now). I once saw him in person at an air show at the Jax Naval Air Station. WJXT was literally the only TV station we could watch. Even with a big, multi-prong antenna mounted on a tall utility pole, reception was totally blotted out whenever my daddy used his electric shaver! As a teenager, I lived in Lake City FL, so I guess the signal was a little stronger there. Thanks for refreshing old memories. Steve D McDonald, Atlanta GA

- Eric Carboneau - - I was born in Jacksonville in 1958 and lived there until 1965 when my father moved our family to Maine. I remember waking up to Ranger Hal, and like several other contributors I never referred to Florida's fire towers as anything but "Ranger Hal towers"! Every morning I would pay close attention to the opening of the show, Ranger Hal waving to us with his hat from the top of his tower -- would this be the morning that he would drop his hat, then race down the zigzag tower stairs to catch his hat before it hit the ground?

- Rick Mallett - - I remember watching Ranger Hal a lot growing up.The one memory that stands out the most is the time he went down to a boat ramp in an amphibious car and rode it out into the St Johns river.

2011/07/28 - Nick Powell - - My wife and I were talking about shows we watched growing up (I was born in 1957) and I fondly remember Ranger Hal.  He used to have a joke contest where viewers could send in a favorite and win some prizes.  I gotta admit I got my joke from a library book but I distinctly recall watching the show with my mom when he read my name and then the joke.  Wish I could recall the joke but I was only six or seven I think.
Anyway, the anticipation of getting a package in the mail for ME was almost as good as Christmas morning.  It had a couple of toys, maybe a paddle ball and something else but the best part was the giant tootsie roll.  It was maybe a foot long and inside was all kinds of candy.  Thanks for the memories, Ranger Hal, wherever you are.. /

2011/08/09 - Mike Pittsley - - Greetings, I lived in Jacksonville from the mid 50's to 1962.  My mother worked for the Community Chest (now the United Way) organization in their public relations department and was responsible for creating slide show presentations for local businesses.  My mother knew Ranger Hal because he promoted the Community Chest/United Way on his show.  I recall appearing on Ranger Hal's show on more than one occasion.  I remember the filmed scene at the beginning of the show with him descending from a tower, then cutting to the studio as he descended the ladder on the studio "tower."  I remember Ranger Hal as being a very nice man and that it was a lot of fun being on his show.
During this time, I became very ill and was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks.  I had to be fed intravenously and was frequently subjected to needles and having blood drawn.  I was *not* a happy guy!  To cheer me up, my mother contacted Ranger Hal and asked him if he would mind dropping by the hospital and pay me a personal visit.  Not only did he oblige her request, he dressed up in his ranger uniform and took advantage of the occasion to visit every other child in the hospital and bring them candy! This elevated Ranger Hal to the status of sainthood in my mother's eyes.  I remember he brought me one of those large Tootsie Rolls that contained lots of smaller Tootsie Rolls.  I had seen these before on TV, but had never had one before so this really made my day.
I'm saddened to learn that he passed in 1979.  Please let his family know that I count Ranger Hal as being one of the most positive role models of my early childhood years.  He was a wonderful man and I will always remember him as such. Thank you for creating a website in his honor.
Mike Pittsley
San Antonio, TX
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