Ranger Hal often went outside the studio.  Some of these trips were for parades, school fairs, and other organized activities.  But other times he would undertake some activity that most viewers would never get to experience:  he flew with the Navy's "Blue Angels" aerobatic team, drove a race car at the Daytona Speedway, skied with the performers at Cypress Gardens, and did many other things.  He usually filmed these trips and played them on the show.  Here are a few photos showing some of Ranger Hal's activities outside the studio.
Left and above: Two photos of preparation for Ranger Hal's flight on the top wing of a biplane.  Yes, he really flew on the plane like this.  (March 1961)
Right: Ranger Hal fed the dolphins at Marineland of Florida (south of St. Augustine) in November 1963.  On other trips he swam with them and some of the other sea creatures!
Left: Ranger Hal visited the Aquatarium over in St. Pete Beach, Florida, in August 1964. (That's right - aquatarium!) Film from this trip is included on the film clips page .
Left and right: Ranger Hal frequently rode horses.  Since he did not have much experience before becoming Ranger Hal, this almost qualifies as an adventure!
Left: Walking with airline pilot Capt. Frank Seymour at Jacksonville's old Imeson Airport in 1964.
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Ranger Hal riding in an amphicar.
Ranger Hal driving at Daytona speedway.
Ranger Hal after making a parachute jump
Two photos of Ranger Hal skiing at world-famous Cypress Gardnes.