...excerpts from a 1961 WJXT marketing booklet
Channel 4 produced a booklet in 1961 to help sell the "Ranger Hal Show" to sponsors.  After all, the purpose of television is to make money, and a hit show is a good way to do it.  It's a nice benefit if the star enjoys doing the show, and really connects with the audience.

Below are a few excerpts from the booklet: "Sales Power From The Ranger's Tower."
The cover
Ranger Hal with a bag of mail
Left: "This may surprise you.  During one week, Ranger Hal received more mail as a result of an adult contest than he did the same week from the youngsters...
        ADULTS:         1,332
        CHILDREN:         1,160

1959 Average: 1,498 weekly
1960 Average: 1,488 weekly
1961 Average: 1,145 weekly"
Below: Ranger Hal in action.
Left: Comments aimed at potential sponsors: "One look at the 1961 March Nielsen Reports proves that 'Ranger Hal' is right down your alley..."  Statistics show audience size and age groups.
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