The "Ranger Hal" theme
About January 2004 I posted a request for information about the theme music used for the Ranger Hal Show.  I had forgotten what it even sounded like.
  • First, Mr. Tom Atteberry of Monroe, LA, said he remembered the theme, so I called him and he hummed it to me.  I had it in my mind again.
  • Then John and Margie Anderson of Lakeland, FL, came up with the name of the piece: "Rustic Dance," written by C. R. Howell.  They also provided me with the sheet music!  This was a huge break.
  • Finally, Ms. Terry Bowers of Burke, VA, played the music on her piano and recorded it. 
So through the generous contributions of these people, I've been able to add music to some of the film clips below.

The clips
The clips shown below are from 16 mm films shot of "Ranger Hal Adventures," as described elsewhere on the site.  They did not have sound, but Ranger Hal narrated them as they were shown.  I've added music to several.

You should see rectangles or still images below.  Click on the large arrow in the middle of the image to make the clip start playing.  (Sometimes users must click a second time if the clip does not start immediately.)

These clips are hosted on the Web site.  If you have problems with the clips on this site, try visiting, and searching for "Ranger Hal".

Speaking of - I recently learned that "Journey to the Beginning of Time," one of the most popular serialized features Ranger Hal showed, is posted on the site. You'll have no trouble finding it....
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Ranger Hal Film Clips
Quick clean-up.  The Head Ranger is coming to visit and Ranger Hal needs to tidy!
Marineland's dolphin firefighter.  Ranger Hal visits Marineland, south of St. Augustine, FL.  A careless chap starts a fire and a dolphin helps Ranger Hal by extiguishing the blaze. Later he visits other Marineland inhabitants.
Picnic in an amphibious car.  Ranger Hal and a friend go on a picnic, and travel there by amphibious car: an unusual vehicle capable of driving on roads and traveling in water.
Skiing at Cypress Gardens.  Ranger Hal visits the famous park in Winter Haven, Florida.  This clip, from August 1964, shows him getting skiing tips and making a practice run before joining the precision ski team.
Montage #1, with theme song.  This is a collection of very short clips showing Ranger Hal visiting a youngster in a hospital, singing with the Jakcsonville Boys Club, riding an elephant at the circus, and more.
Montage #2, with theme song.  More very short clips showing Ranger Hal on stage with Bozo the Clown, playing basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters, and more.
Making a parachute jump and riding on the wing of an airplane.  Ranger Hal visits an airshow does more than just watch.  He was fearless!
Visit to the circus.  Ranger Hal visits the Clyde Beatty and Cole Brothers Circus, gets a close-up look at the lions, and rides an elephant. This was about 1967.
St. Pete Beach aquarium.  At this aquarium on Florida's Gulf coast, dolphins leap toward the camera while Ranger Hal feeds them. Then he helps transfer a leopard ray into a larger tank. Filmed in August 1964.